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AHEM - Hem's Curated News Capsule - Issue 02


(Belated) Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Wishing you a belated happy lunar new year! If you are visiting the Great Southern Festival soon, get the snake year off to a good start. Don't miss IGA Taste Great Southern for the most bountiful produce and sensational wine at some of the world's most idyllic and inspirational locations.


Skin shedders look no further...
The Year of the Snake promises plenty of change. If it feels like the world (and your place in it) is changing fast, you're on the money. As we usher in the Year of the Snake, predictions for change in the year ahead are coming thick and fast.

Here's the Seven Top Ticket Change Items for 2013 that got our motors going.
  1. LinkedIn is the new black. For those of you having conversations with corporate influencers, LinkedIn's new endorsement feature, as well as new page designs means there's a lot more attention being given to your page by media and PR folk. Contact HEM for advice on customer engagement service, including LinkedIn.

  2. Loyalty programmes zshoosh up their acts. Where's the love? When did you last ask your customers what they really want from your loyalty programme? Loyalty is an ecosystem. A loyalty programme has to be useful to your customer, while allowing them to feel and experience your loyalty to them. They need to feel like you 'get' them. If your customers are not feeling like VIPs then now is the time to start thinking about how to offer them relationship, experience and value. Loyalty programmes need to drive purchasing activity, not just encourage engagement. For a loyalty programme that works, contact HEM.

  3. Biometrics in banking. Citibank recently launched a smart banking machine equipped with online and biometric capabilities for ID authentication, lauding it as a 'new user interface.' Would you be comfortable scanning documents, video conferencing and browsing for products at your ATM?

  4. THE She-Change. Faith Popcorn (futurist marketing guru) reckons the next few years are all about shifts in the way feminine power are incorporated in society. She predicts:

    • Young, single women leading the way, with more women starting businesses than men.

    • The decline of the nuclear family with alternative forms of birthing, marriage and family structuring on the rise. Single motherhood as a lifestyle decision, with marriage no longer being mandatory. Traditionally 'female' behaviours and emotional intelligence preferred in workplaces.

    What do you think?

  5. Branding. You are your brand. This never changes, no matter what the year. You are your masthead, your company ID, your brand promise and your brand values. So make sure you fit. Look nice. Be nice. Study your craft. Communicate. Be your brand.

  6. Content is still King. And that's got to be a good thing. A recent UK study came out with the following stats on why content is so important:

    • Business decision makers still prefer to get company info from articles rather than from ads
    • Consumers feel more positive about a company/brand after reading content on its site
    • Consumers prefer content-led websites
    • Consumers are more likely to read content from a brand that is relevant to them and that they are interested in
    • Content costs less than traditional marketing

    Think about those stats, then think about this:

    • Most people skip tv ads
    • Most direct mail is never opened

    It's a no-brainer, so get creative. Contact HEM for content that is compelling, consistent and clear to drive your brand promise forward.

  7. Going viral. Nothing new here, except that the numbers just keep getting bigger. According to some, viral content should be part of any brand's marketing mix, if they can afford it. Definition of viral? "High speed, widespread sharing of branded content." It's what we used to call "word of mouth." So, how to measure viral success? By number of views: apparently anything from 700,000 views upwards is considered to be virally successful, however viral success can also be considered to be a "piece of communication that has gone beyond the intended audience to become a larger internet phenomenon."

    Definition of viral? "High speed, widespread sharing of branded content." It's what we used to call "word of mouth".

    Key points: viral is neither cheap nor easy (think clever content creation and video production - ergo paying writers, art directors + producers); viral is powerful and creates momentum; humour is important so think funny; cool stuff works (think Red Bull space jump), as does content that delivers an emotional connection; viral can be risky and shock strategies are not recommended.


Festival of Fun
What's hot in our town..

HAVE YOU PLANNED YOUR corporate social responsibility charter for 2013-14? AT HEM we are lucky to have access to market-leading opportunities to demonstrate our social licence. One means by which we do so is as a Southern Lights Donor to the Great Southern Festival (Perth International Arts Festival). Since 2003, the Great Southern Festival has presented an extensive, diverse and acclaimed program of events that has grown to over 60 events attended by more than 18,000 people each year.

Funds received through Southern Lights are directly invested in programs and artists for the Great Southern Festival and all donations over A$2.00 are fully tax deductible.

Recently, Southern Lights donors were privileged to experience a private performance by pianist extraordinaire Sally Whitwell at a sensational Albany residence. What an incredible showcase: an extraordinary home, intense performance and beautiful canapés accompanied by Great Southern wine.

Become a Southern Lights Donor for the 2014 Great Southern Festival now. Donate at:


Why Brand?
While we're talking branding, I thought it timely to remind you of the reasons why brand is so important (and why you might need to zshoosh yours up)

Branding is a vital element in propelling your company or product into the consumer's world. Take a look at Lego's branding trajectory since 1934.

Branding best practice involves:
  1. Understanding stakeholder expectations in order to target your brand vision to the right audiences
  2. Developing a brand promise that is deliverable
  3. Staying on message via consistency and clarity

Branding is an organic part of any organisation and is much more than logo development.

Why develop brand ID?
  1. To help your company connect, contribute, cultivate and collaborate with its audiences
  2. To endow your company with unique associations that differentiate it from others
  3. To provide a competitive edge and remain relevant
  4. To help support and drive your corporate strategy
  5. To sell your brand story in a global business ecosystem
  6. To influence opinion of your brand
  7. To revitalise tired brand ID
  8. To position your brand over and above competitors brands
  9. To provide incentives for clients to seek your business out
  10. To improve stakeholder engagement
  11. To improve profile, presence and traction

Is your brand tired? Contact HEM.

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