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AHEM - Hem's Curated News Capsule - Issue 01


Get With The Strength
The future is here and itís mobile. If you expect clients to engage with you via their mobile devices, follow HEMís lead and optimise now.

WHEN HEM announced its website was fully optimised for tablet and mobile audiences, there was a storm of interest.

Announcing the mobile optimisation strategy, HEM Director, Claire Hanson, said, ďOur mobile devices are our lifelines. We rely on them to get everything done efficiently and conveniently. They allow instantaneous connectivity and real-time sharing, fortifying existing relationships and forging new ones.

Mobile optimisation is part of HEMís best practice digital strategy ensuring the client is the hero.

ďThere is nothing more frustrating than trying to get details from a website that is not mobile optimised,Ē said Claire. ďOur optimised site makes navigation easy. Our clients can engage with us on their smart phones and tablets via our website or Facebook page, wherever they are in the world. Thatís what we are about: helping our clients be masters of their own universes.Ē

HEMís new optimised site features a fully flexible and responsive design for tablets and smartphones. It also improves desktop navigation.

Visit or contact HEM to get optimised and get with the strength.


Fancy that!
If youíre a Pinterest fan, check out Fancy Itís Pinterest for luxury seekers.

PINTEREST TOO crafty-cum-home-ec-class for you? Want more luxury and less scrapbooking? Take a look at Fancy

Billed as a cross between a store, blog, magazine and wish list, it features beautiful stuff from around the globe.

A NYC-based photo-sharing website, Fancy sits under parent company Thingd and itís nothing if not easy on the eye.

Low-profile Thingd has managed to stay pretty much under the radar, until now, that is. Thingd claims Fancy is about ďconnecting people to things and enabling people to share experiences around things.Ē To cut to the (monetised) chase, Fancy is a consumer site where you can look at glossy images of whatever takes your fancy, then buy it and brag about it. Thatís the social part.

Shop Fancy.


10 sting-less community event tips
Follow HEMís Ten Tips to achieve community event success without the sting

Community events can be a tough gig. Lack of interest from the target audience. Lack of ground-support to execute. Tiny budget. Read on.

Avoid community event failure by following HEMís Ten Tips. Remember that that the general public can be unforgiving. If your community event fails, itís your reputation on the line. So hear this:
  1. Donít try to do it all yourself Ė engage an event expert (like HEM) from the start
  2. Time is of the essence: while it is possible to rectify a poorly developed event plan, itís easier to be in on it from the beginning
  3. Drill down and get to the core. Who is your audience? Who is the party for? Why would they want to come? What is your goal in hosting the event?
  4. Plan: A community event plan is essential. Without it, your event will fail
  5. Execute: Make sure you have enough people on the ground to successfully execute the plan
  6. Share: Develop a communications plan for the event covering every communication activity you need to activate
  7. Publicise: Traditional (print, broadcast) media are your friends. Get them in on it from the start. Then get social.
  8. Leverage: What else is going on that you can partner with to increase your eventís exposure?
  9. Endorse: Who best exemplifies your brandís attributes? Consider engaging a brand ambassador or celebrity endorser to spruik your product at the event
  10. Follow through: Community events are time sponges and require highly focussed attention to detail to succeed. Check, double-check and triple check. Then check again. Nothing can be left to chance.


Destination Albany
This is where we get to spruik about who and what matters to us at HEM. Stay with us. Itís the fun part.


Recently we were asked to produce a significant feature for one of SE Asiaís most glam food magazines. Living in the middle of a food bowl, itís not hard to find good news stories to titillate global gastronomes. The hero of our feature is Ringwould Dairy Their story speaks for itself and makes for a fascinating chronicle of a family driven by a dream to produce an epicurean delight that is taking the market by storm. Watch this space for updates on the feature as it hits Asian shelves.


Albany is nothing if not a breeding ground for attention-grabbing musos. If you havenít heard of ButtonMoon, listen to this. Click on 'play" under "Man in the Moon." Itíll grab your heartstrings. We canít stop listening to it. Then thereís Geoff Waldeck. His band, Reverend and the Deathbed Conversions are a self-described ďeclectic scrub of blues meets folk.Ē Geoffís mellifluous voice is the hook. Follow the Revís appearances here

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